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Reservation of the ships whatever the type of targeted activity (research, teaching, observation, aquarium, technology...) is done by biannual calls organized by the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF).

Applications are then examined by a local evaluation committee representative of the different units of the OOB, which gives an opinion on the feasibility of the request. A biannual schedule is then drafted by the service manager.

Néréis II

Navires Nereis

This vessel, part of the FOF station vessels fleet, is licensed to embark in addition to the crew:

  • 12 people (students, supervisors, researchers) for distances up to 5 miles,
  • 9 people for distances between 5 and 20 miles.

Depending on the operations to be carried out, the vessel is driven by 3 (minimum) or 4 sailors.

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Rufi II

Navires rufi

This 7,5m boat is approved for boarding up to 6 people. It is conducted by 1 sailor and can therefore receive groups of up to 5 passengers (students, supervisors, researchers). The Rufi is used primarily for trips involving scuba diving, an activity supervised by the two professional divers of the service.

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