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The Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer has two vessels, the Néréis II and the Rufi II, armed by the CNRS and led by a team of four sailors, able to make sea trips, during day or night. Assigned within the Sea Service, they assure all sea activities in relation with the priority missions of the OOB: research, teaching, observation and scientific mediation.

The unit also offers a diving service with two CNRS professional divers. Access to the service is via the EMBRC-France portal.

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Reservation of the ships whatever the type of targeted activity (research, teaching, observation, aquarium, technology...) is done by biannual calls organized by the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF).

Applications are then examined by a local evaluation committee representative of the different units of the OOB, which gives an opinion on the feasibility of the request. A biannual schedule is then drafted by the service manager.

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The dives are programmed by the two professional scientific divers of the service in coordination with the sea crew. The use of a vessel for diving is not always necessary and some dives can be made from the seaside. Diving activities are conducted in accordance with the national regulations on scientific diving and Decree No. 2011-45 and the Order of October 30, 2012.

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The service has underwater shooting equipment (photo and digital video HD), and expertise in image editing and video editing.

Photo and video resources are used for communication actions, scientific mediation within the Biodiversarium or as part of scientific projects.

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