Moyens à la mer - plongeur

The dives are programmed by the two professional scientific divers of the service in coordination with the sea crew. The use of a vessel for diving is not always necessary and some dives can be made from the seaside. Diving activities are conducted in accordance with the national regulations on scientific diving and Decree No. 2011-45 and the Order of October 30, 2012.

The diving staff has developed a long experience in sampling many marine coastal species. Their knowledge of the field, methods of sampling adapted to each species, allow them to take samples of marine fauna and flora for the exclusive needs of research and teaching. They have the necessary legal authorizations to carry out these samplings, in as limited quantities as possible in order to preserve the resource.

Diving Equipment:

  • Diving local for up to 15 divers (changing rooms, showers ...),
  • Compressor 19m3 / h (+ 4 buffers) with remote control in the local,
  • diving bottles (19 monos 12l, 7 Bi 2 / 9l, 2 bi 2 / 12l),
  • pressure regulators (15),
  • lighting,
  • underwater video,
  • submarine phones,
  • pinger,
  • compass,
  • air analysis case,
  • Diving parachutes
  • oxygenotherapy.
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