The Accueil Service responds to the needs of in-house teams wishing to organise meetings or event-type projects (congresses, workshops, specific events, improved meals, etc.) but also to the needs of the national and international scientific community wishing to organise a scientific or educational stay at our establishment by organising their stays.

For this purpose, dedicated infrastructures are made available to best meet demand and to enable the service to work in the best possible conditions. The accommodation centre inaugurated in March 2013 has 74 rooms (78 beds). A guest house (Villa Wintrebert) for hosting scientific personalities is also available for booking. The 120-seats restaurant with a sea view offers a whole range of services to users. Several meeting rooms of various sizes and with specific equipment completes the offer.

The accueil service is divided into 2 interdependent hubs: the accommodation centre/logistics and the catering one.

Accommodation centre/logistics

This mission focuses on the organisational and logistical aspects for both the internal staff and the guests. Multi-skilled agents reinforce the service by handling mail, occasional small equipment needs, specific requests for congresses, management of accessible green spaces and finally maintenance in support of the external service provider.


Headed by a chef, it offers a variety of menus (from breakfast to dinner) all week long for staff, students and visiting researchers, as well as a range of different services (coffee breaks, seminar and galas meals, buffet dinners and tasting of local wines) for congress and seminar organisers.

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