The Accueil Service responds to the needs of in-house teams wishing to organise meetings or event-type projects (congresses, workshops, specific events, improved meals, etc.) but also to the needs of the national and international scientific community wishing to organise a scientific or educational stay at our establishment by organising their stays.

For this purpose, dedicated infrastructures are made available to best meet demand and to enable the service to work in the best possible conditions. The accommodation centre inaugurated in March 2013 has 74 rooms (78 beds). A guest house (Villa Wintrebert) for hosting scientific personalities is also available for booking. The 120-seats restaurant with a sea view offers a whole range of services to users. Several meeting rooms of various sizes and with specific equipment completes the offer.

The Financial Service of the Research Federation of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer receives its credits from its two tutelles, Sorbonne University and CNRS. It is made up of 4 Sorbonne University employees.

Its missions are to provide functional support to the units and mainly to manage the credits of the campus, its common services, the service of the means to the sea, the technological platforms, the accommodation centre and the Biodiversarium (2.5M€) .

The main acts of management are the entry of orders, missions, and services made in the GESLAB and SIFAC management software packages.

The mission of the Real estate heritage service is to define and ensure the policy of management and conservation of the real estate heritage and of some of the technical infrastructures of the Oceanological Observatory in order to guarantee the best working conditions and to ensure optimal operation of the research units while rationalising the real estate management as well as the resources allocated to it.

The service's missions revolve around three main divisions: the real estate operations division, the real estate maintenance division and the common infrastructure management division.

The Joint laundry and sterilisation Service of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer intervenes punctually in the different missions of the Observatory: research, training, observation and scientific reception. It responds to the various requests from research units, teachers and students, startups and national and international teams hosted within the framework of EMBRC.

The department's missions are to ensure the cleaning of the various glassware, and the preparation and sterilization of the various containers used by the teams. The department also ensures the preparation and sterilization of the various culture media.

service moyens mer

The Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer has two vessels, the Néréis II and the Rufi II, armed by the CNRS and led by a team of four sailors, able to make sea trips, during day or night. Assigned within the Sea Service, they assure all sea activities in relation with the priority missions of the OOB: research, teaching, observation and scientific mediation.

The unit also offers a diving service with two CNRS professional divers. Access to the service is via the EMBRC-France portal.

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The objectives of the Mutualized Aquariology Service (SMA) of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer are to manage, from a technical and zootechnical point of view, all the tanks and associated populations of the public aquarium of the Biodiversarium and the research aquaria of OOB. It provides the scientific community with unconventional wild or farmed marine models, develops captive breeding of emerging model species or threatened species, and supports the scientific teams in the implementation of experimental systems using these models.

The originality of the service is linked to the fact that the team of 8 aquariologists that constitutes it, evolves between the very specific needs of public presentation of marine animals on the one hand (maintenance of the tanks by scuba diving, collections in the natural environment) and the very specific needs related to the rearing of a great diversity of species, under controlled conditions in order to satisfy the needs of the scientific teams hosted at the Oceanological Observatory in terms of marine organisms, on the other hand.

In addition, the service develops its own scientific and development programmes in order to answer conservation objectives of the public aquarium for sensitive species or, from a more prospective point of view, to propose new marine models to the scientific community. In this context, around 250 mediterranean species (fish and invertebrates) are kept in the public aquarium and nearly thirty species (mediterranean and tropical fish and invertebrates) are reproduced in the research aquarium, under controlled conditions, and constitute non-conventional marine models that are made available to scientists, particularly within the framework of the National Marine Biological Resources Centre (EMBRC).

The service is composed of 3 poles: "public aquarium", "research aquarium" and "teaching aquarium and live preys production".

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