The Joint laundry and sterilisation Service of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer intervenes punctually in the different missions of the Observatory: research, training, observation and scientific reception. It responds to the various requests from research units, teachers and students, startups and national and international teams hosted within the framework of EMBRC.

The department's missions are to ensure the cleaning of the various glassware, and the preparation and sterilization of the various containers used by the teams. The department also ensures the preparation and sterilization of the various culture media.

The service is located close to the users and is divided into several individualized zones. A dirty zone which includes the washing and decontamination area and a clean zone which allows sterilization.

The activity consists of the collection of dishes after their use, decontamination, washing, sterilization, storage and finally, the distribution of the material to the different users of the service.

Equipments :

  • 3 washers,
  • 3 autoclaves,
  • 1 bench top autoclave,
  • 2 type 2 demineralisers (general laboratory use, glassware final rinse),
  • 1 Purelab OPTION E de type 2 (general laboratory use),
  • 1 Purelab CLASSIC UV UF: Type 1 water (for molecular biology),
  • 1 PRIMA 60 type 3 unit (osmosis water),
  • 1 PURELAB MAXIMA SC : Type 1.
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