The mission of the Real estate heritage service is to define and ensure the policy of management and conservation of the real estate heritage and of some of the technical infrastructures of the Oceanological Observatory in order to guarantee the best working conditions and to ensure optimal operation of the research units while rationalising the real estate management as well as the resources allocated to it.

The service's missions revolve around three main divisions: the real estate operations division, the real estate maintenance division and the common infrastructure management division.

Real estate transactions

The service is involved in project management for real estate operations relating to construction, extension, restructuring and major building development projects (feasibility studies, programme launches, selection of project managers, calls for tenders for works, management of operations), and in the management of land affairs.

Property maintenance

As part of this mission, the service is responsible for preventive and curative maintenance under the owner's responsibility (enclosed, covered, networks), bringing "fluid" networks and technical installations (electricity, PVC, boiler room) up to standard, applying for loans, project and project management, and technical and financial monitoring.

In addition, the service provides support and advice to research units in all its areas of expertise: feasibility studies, coordination of maintenance and works. It is available to research units for emergency interventions and for works (as project manager or operation manager).

Management of common infrastructure

This mission is similar to the function of the "syndic de copropriété" and consists of guaranteeing the entities and laboratories present on the campus a continuous supply of water, electricity, heating, air conditioning and services such as security, maintenance and upkeep of common technical installations (seawater pumping system, seawater heat pumps, hydraulic systems, generators).

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