Marine stations are renewed to offer training in various aspects of marine biology during the Summer period. These trainings are part of undergraduate and graduate SU programs, and are generally easily accessible to students not from Sorbonne Université as isolated courses.

Mediterranean Ecology

Stage ecomed

This training is provided for a long time in Banyuls, and is proposing basic marine biology via field trips and observations. Courses deal with marine and terrestrial ecology, with field trips, and give a glimpse on the richness and biodiversity of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. Various marine environments are presented with their associated fauna: open sea, benthos, littoral.

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Exploring the marine microbial worlds: practical approaches

OOB stage MicroWorlds

This summer school introduces students to the marine microbial world that includes very diverse microorganisms (bacteria, phytoplankton, protozoa, viruses...). They play a key role in the functioning of ocean ecosystems, both in terms of biogeochemistry and biotic relationships. Marine microbiome exploration techniques have evolved considerably in recent decades, and marine research laboratories develop increasingly sophisticated techniques for collecting, characterizing and experimenting on these microbial populations or individuals. During this summer school, we offer students a concrete approach to this field, based on 1) practical training using tools that will enable participants to acquire basic skills for studying the composition and role of marine microbial communities, and 2) experimental mini-projects to think and implement a strategy to answer a scientific question related to marine microorganisms.

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