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Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls sur mer
Laboratoire Arago


Laboratory ARAGO is associated with the University of Concepcion and the University Austral Chili through many scientific collaborations in the field of oceanography and marine biology. The observatory became the International Associated Laboratory of Functional Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecology (LIA MORFUN) on 1 January 2011 for a period of 4 years. (Contact: Camila Fernandez (fernandez @ obs-banyuls.fr)).

Research teams are more specifically involved in several European research programs.




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Camila Fernandez, a researcher at LOMIC (2nd from left in photo) was awarded the leader of the South:

Each year, the region of Concepcion, Chile awards "the 50 young talents from all disciplines whose professional and personal qualities which have greatly contributed to regional development."

The award was presented December 29, 2011 in the auditorium of the newspaper "El Sur." Winners included researchers, volunteers, athletes and entrepreneurs, all born in the Concepcion region.

This award is a recognition of her work in the creation and leadership of the International Associated Laboratory LIA MORFUN. This award recognizes the importance of the LIA for oceanographic science in Concepcion, and in particular, its international component in the training of researchers at Chilean universities.

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The International Associated Laboratory MORFUN organized a workshop in Banyuls on Wednesday December 5th, 2011. Seminars were presented that covered topics including marine microbiology, biogeochemistry and functional ecology carried out by several collaborative projects between the University of Concepcion in Chile and Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls. Program

Visiting Scientists

Professor Ruben ESCRIBANO of the Universidad de Concepción (Chile) collaborated with scientists in the LOMIC for one month during September 2010.

R. ESCRIBANO specializes in the biology of the zooplankton and collaborates with C. FERNANDEZ  in the the study of the excretion of nitrogenous compounds (primarily dissolved organic) by key species such as copepods, the organisms responsible for a large portion of secondary production in the world's oceans. As part of his visit, Prof. ESCRIBANO worked with C. FERNANDEZ on the analysis of the results obtained during experiments performed during 2009 off central Chile examining zooplankton excretion.

In addition, R. ESCRIBANO is the Chilean scientific liasson  for the creation of the International Associated Laboratory "MORFUN" (MarineBiogeochemistry and Ecology Functional), lead by C. FERNANDEZ of LOMIC in Banyuls. The final stages of the preparation of LIA were completed during his visit.


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