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Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls sur mer
Laboratoire Arago

Environmental Genomics and Valorisation of Microorganisms



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Recent high-throughput approaches to uncover the taxonomic and functional diversity of microorganisms are now crucial for several aspects in fundamental and applied research. In this course, we propose to review these approaches, their methodologies, and their pertinence to understand the role of microorganisms in the environment: pyrosequencing, metagenomic, bioinformatics and phylogenetics applied to the analysis of large sequence datasets.



In a second step, we examine the possibilities of biotechnological applications of these tools: identification of new compounds and new metabolic pathways, perspectives and issues of their industrial valorisation in many fields, such as cosmectics, biofuels, medicine, energy production...


Conception: Raphaël Lami, Lecturer UPMC

Technical Conception  / development: Mylène Lorre-Guidt


E-learning Module Genoval



Mylène Lorre Guidt (mylene.lorre-guidt @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 06/06/16

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