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Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls sur mer
Laboratoire Arago

The Scientific Council

Chaired by the Director of the Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls, the Scientific Council (CS) is responsible for proposing to the Board of Directors:

    • the policy directions of research at the Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls, the scientific and technical documentation of the observatory, and associated budgetary aspects.
    • the creation or integration of new entities (units, research groups within units and services).
    • rankings of grant applications submitted by the Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls.

It is available at:

    • job profiles of faculty to provide their research component,
    • any questions about the research or research training
    • responses to requests about research, training,  and observation

It is informed about contracts and research programs offered by the various entities.

The Scientific Council (SC) provides advice on the planning and implementation of science policy at OSU:

    • missions, budget and operational support services for research
    • the acquisition and use of common facilities
    • creating or deleting scientific programs
    • admission or exclusion of a research unit in the observatory
    • candidates for the position of Director of the OOB or UMS

CS is composed of 17 members including the director of the observatory as President, unit directors (or their representatives), the head of education (or his representative), the head of the observation services, one member each representing researchers,teacher-researchers, each of the board units, and six elected members representing the staffs of various colleges and one representative of the doctoral students of the college.


Composition (118 KB)

Sophie Sanchez (sophie.sanchez @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 06/06/16

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