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Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls sur mer
Laboratoire Arago

The Commission on Technical and Administrative Staff

Chaired by the Director of the Observatory, or his representative, the Committee shall meet at least twice a year at the call of the President or at the written request of at least half of the holders or personal representatives.

The Committee is advisory. Therefore, its members do not have access to personal records. However, the annual career records may be disclosed within the Commission after agreement of the parties and their Director. All its members are subject to the obligation of professional secrecy.

The Committee shall be kept informed and advises on the following questions:

• Career development and evaluation criteria for personal technical or administrative of Education, and records and recommendations on suitable progress.

• Requests or needs for job changes jobs or assignment within the observatory.

The career staff assigned to ITA CNRS units are examined within these units knowing that status in accordance with the ITA staff of CNRS, assessment of activity and promotion proposals remains under the sole authority of the Director of UR station.


Sophie Sanchez (sophie.sanchez @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 06/06/16

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