Gwenael Piganeau

Title : CNRS Research Fellow

Team : Genomics of picophytoplankton

Address : Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls sur mer
Laboratoire Arago, Av. de Fontaule, BP 44, 66651 Banyuls-sur-Mer Cedex, France.

Phone No : +33 (0)4 68 88 73 43

Email :

Research project :

Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics of Prasinophytes

Summary :

My general research interests concern the mechanisms of genome evolution in eukaryotes. I am using and developing bioinformatic tools to address following issues : What can sequence data (in a broad sense, from complete genomes to metagenomes) tell us about the lifestyle, life-cycle and life history of an organism? This is particulary relevant for planktonic species, because most planktonic species resist cultivation, so that the analysis of their genome is the only information that can be gained into their diversity and lifestyle.


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